Murdoch University Information

  • Introduction

    Murdoch University has, from its foundation in 1974, been a University committed to offering education for all. As the second University in Western Australia, it's always been associated with the environment and conservation, social justice and providing a pathway to university to those who have previously been excluded, particularly first nations people.

    As a Murdoch student, you can expect five-star teaching quality, world-changing research and flexible course options. You'll learn in environments both in and outside of the classroom and have the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of facilities, both professionally and personally - from our animal hospital and working farm to our chiropractic and psychology clinics, and from our IT innovation hub to our law moot court.

    OOur facility Boola Katitjin is the world's most awarded academic building. It offers enhanced teaching and learning environments which combine the latest technologies and state-of-the-art amenities with mindful and sustainable design.

    We've also been awarded 5 stars for teaching, employability and facilities* and are number one in WA for social equity, student-teacher ratio and postgraduate student teacher ratio and learner engagement and resources.

    To find the course that's right for you, check out our 2024/25 course guide or contact the friendly Meet Murdoch team on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624) or by visiting

    *QS Stars, 2024
  • Admission Requirements

    Getting into university is simpler than you might think. Murdoch University have a range of pathway options available, taking into account your high school results, previous studies, and work and life experience.

    Recent secondary education
    All undergraduate courses at Murdoch, apart from nursing and veterinary science (which have competitive entry) have a guaranteed selection rank required for consideration.

    Your selection rank for university entry can be generated by a range of qualifications like an ATAR, International Baccalaureate, vocational qualifications, International Big Picture Learning Credential, media portfolio, experienced based entry, or completion of an enabling course. You can find the minimum selection rank for the courses you are interested via the Course Search facility.

    If you don't currently meet Murdoch's admission requirements, check out their range of enabling pathways that can help you build your skills and get into uni.

    Non-school leavers
    If you finished Year 12 a while ago or did not complete your secondary education, there are a range of non-school leaver entry pathways into Murdoch available including previous higher education or Vocational Education and Training (VET) study and work and life experience.

    These include:
    • Previous higher education: If you have successfully completed at least two units or a tertiary enabling course at an Australian university, or one year of study at a recognised higher education provider, you will meet the requirements to apply to Murdoch.
    • Vocational education and trainging (VET) study: If you've completed a TAFE Certificate IV (and have met English Language Competency), Diploma, or Advanced Diploma, you're eligible to be considered for admission for most of Murdoch's undergraduate courses. Please visit for further details on the level of VET qualification that needs to be completed to meet entry for your course.
    • Qualifications at Diploma level or higher completed within the last 10 years may make you eligible for some Advanced Standing towards your Murdoch degree. Further information on gaining Advanced Standing.
    • Work or life experience: If you haven't previously studied before, then you can still apply for Murdoch using our range of work and life experience pathways.
    If you are unsure about your eligibility, you can learn more by visiting or by contacting the Meet Murdoch team on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624).

    Murdoch ATAR RISE
    Murdoch University recognises that not all applicants have the same opportunities to achieve their potential. To help support students achieve admission for an undergraduate degree, Murdoch's ATAR RISE adjusts the ATAR of eligible students by up to 10.00 ranking points to a maximum of Selection Rank of 90.00.

    Eligibility is determined by WA secondary school codes, WA permanent residence postcode, declared Indigenous status, and whether you are the first in your family to attend university (this is determined by your parents'/guardians' highest level of education). Students need to meet one of the criteria and have achieved a minimum ATAR of 55 or above to be eligible for the adjustment. For more information on this program visit the Murdoch RISE website. Alternatively contact the Meet Murdoch team on 1300 687 3624.
  • Competence in English

    To study at Murdoch University, you will need to meet the specific academic and English Language Competency (ELC) requirements for your chosen course. You can demonstrate ELC by:
    • Successfully completing Year 11 and 12 or 2 years of VET study, in an Australian or English-speaking school
    • Achieving a scaled mark of 50 or higher in ATAR English, Literature or English as an Additional Language or Dialect, or International Baccalaureate equivalent (Higher Level 3 or better, Standard Level 4 or better
    • A score of 140, or higher in the Written English Component of the Special Tertiary Admission Test (STAT).
    Please note, some courses may have a higher ELC requirement. Further information on ELC requirements can be found at
  • Enabling courses

    OnTrack Flex is an equity-focused program that enables students who don't qualify for undergraduate entry through other admission pathways to gain entry to Murdoch University. OnTrack Flex provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your academic skills and understanding of university life and study. OnTrack Flex combines face to face with online learning.

    Following successful completion of OnTrack Flex, you'll be eligible to be offered a place in most undergraduate degree courses at Murdoch University that have an indicative ATAR of 70.00, commencing the following semester.

    OnTrack Sprint is a four-week intensive program designed to prepare students who have just missed out on the required ATAR for admission to Murdoch University. It provides an admission pathway for students who have completed their Year 12 schooling within the previous 18 months, generated a Selection Rank between 60.00 and 69.95, or have achieved an 'A' or 'B' average in General subjects in Year 12, and have met English competency. Applicants must also be Australian citizens, permanent residents, or permanent humanitarian visa holders.

    Find out more about Murdoch's enabling pathway courses by visiting

    Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre provides admission pathways to Australian Indigenous people who haven't had an opportunity to complete formal schooling or haven't studied for a while. The following courses are available:
    • 14-week Indigenous bridging program (K-Track) - apply directly to Murdoch University;
    • Professional education program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Veterinary Studies (Waardong Program).
    For more information, visit

    Media Portfolio Admission pathway and Experience Based entry
    Admission through the assessment of a portfolio is available at Murdoch University into a wide range of creative media courses with a guaranteed selection rank of 70. For a list of courses available go to

    If you can demonstrate your aptitude and ability via school subjects or extracurricular activity then Experience Based Entry may be the pathway for you. You can apply via TISC. The application form and instructions can be found at Media Portfolio and Experience Based Entry applicants will also need to demostrate English competency.

    Pre-Law Admission Pathway course provides an entry opportunity for potential students who have the intellectual capacity and diligence to succeed in the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), but do not have recognised prior learning. Students who complete the course will be offered direct entry into the Murdoch LLB program. For fees and admission dates visit Pre-Law.

    Law Start is a legal aptitude entrance pathway to study Law at Murdoch. This pathway is for students who have excelled at school in one or more ATAR courses with a strong focus on essay writing and communication skills. Applicants will also need to demonstrate their aptitude to study Law by participating in a workshop and completing a written assessment. To find out more visit Law Start.

    Extenuating circumstances. We understand that the intended admission pathway to university study doesn't always go to plan. For this reason, Murdoch University will consider applications from prospective students whose education has been compromised due to genuine hardship, resulting in them falling short of admission requirements for an undergraduate course. To find out more, visit Also see Educational Access Scheme (EAS).
  • Past and current students of Murdoch University

    Apply through TISC if you:
    • Deferred your Murdoch course and now want to apply for a different course at another university;
    • Are applying for Veterinary Science or Nursing.
    Apply directly to Murdoch if you:
    • Have previously been enrolled at Murdoch University, unless you are applying for Veterinary Science or Nursing; or
    • Are a graduate of either Murdoch University or another university and wish to enter Honours; or
    • Are a current Murdoch student wanting to transfer to another course (except Veterinary Science) or add a second major, and you aren't graduating after the current semester; or
    • Deferred your offer in 2024 and wish to take up your studies in that course or apply for another Murdoch course (except Veterinary Science or Nursing) in 2025.
  • General Information

    Student support services
    Murdoch's student learning support services will help you develop the academic and study skills you need to succeed at university and beyond. You can access self-help resources like Studiosity and Grammarly, visit a Peer Academic Coach in the Library, and access a range of learning support services by visiting Student Central who will be able to refer you through to our specialised learning support team. Murdoch also has great programs like Peer Academic Study Support to help you with specific units throughout your study.

    Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre
    The Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre believes education is freedom. The people you meet, the ideas you engage with and the doors you open are transformational.

    The main goal of the centre is to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in higher education. This is done through increasing awareness and providing support for students throughout their academic journey.

    Support for students with disability
    Murdoch University is committed to ensuring that students with disability, or students who are carers for people with disability, can access specific services and facilities to enable equal participation in study.

    If you have a disability or ongoing medical condition, or you are caring for a person with disability, you may need support or assistance with your studies. Your tailored support may include help with coursework or exams.

    If you are thinking about studying at Murdoch and would like to know more about how we can support you, contact us. Any conversation that you have with our accessibility advisors is confidential.

    Selection of courses
    When you list a Murdoch course as a preference, you’re also indicating your major area of study. For most of our courses you can only select one major unless you select one of our combined degrees. Information about adding a second major or minors is available at personalised courses.

    Some of our courses are available as combined degrees which may enable you to graduate with two undergraduate qualifications. Combined degrees have their own course codes which you can find via the Course Search facility.

    Full-time study
    A full-time study load is the quickest way to finish your degree. A standard full-time study load is normally 12 credit points in each semester (or 24 credit points in each academic year) and the average workload is 40 hours per week. This includes any lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes, as well as personal reading and assessments required for the unit.

    Part-time study
    Need more flexibility? Part-time study might be an option. You may also be able to change between full-time and part-time study during your course if your circumstances change. If you're a part-time student, you'll just enrol in fewer units per semester.

    External study
    Many courses give you the option to study online using materials such as lecture recordings. If coming onto campus isn't always convenient for you, you can complete units and even whole degrees online.

    Credit/advanced standing
    See Advanced standing/credit transfer.

    Courses with limited places
    Both Nursing and Veterinary Science at Murdoch have quotas on the number of places offered to commencing students, however, we still recommend that you list them as your first preference to maximise your chance of selection. For Veterinary Science, there are a range of other undergraduate courses that can be taken as a pathway to Veterinary Science, allowing an application to transfer on completion of 1 year of study. Contact Murdoch to find out more about pathway courses.

    Courses with higher entry requirements
    Some of Murdoch's courses have higher academic and/or English Language Competency (ELC) requirements. You can find out more about entry requirements into these courses on the Murdoch website.

    Deferred admission
    If you've been offered a place in an undergraduate degree, you can apply to defer admission for a maximum of two years. Deferred students will receive a new letter of offer closer to the time of preferred intake.

    Courses available at the Mandurah campus
    The following course is available at the Mandurah campus:
    • Nursing
    • Ontrack Flex (enabling course)
    Courses available at the Rockingham campus
    The following course is available at the Rockingham campus:
    • Ontrack Flex (enabling course)
    For further information use the Course Search function.

    Commonwealth supported places
    If you're an Australian Citizen or a New Zealand citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident and are offered a place at Murdoch University you'll be offered a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and if you're an Australian citizen or the holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa you are eligible to access the deferred payment loan scheme (HECS-HELP). If you're currently a Permanent Resident and during your enrolment you become an Australian citizen, you may then access HECS-HELP.
  • Additional information for students applying to Veterinary Science

    All students seeking entry to Veterinary Science at Murdoch University must undertake the Casper Situational Judgement Assessment. The Casper is an online assessment where you will be asked to respond to written and video based scenarios.

    The assessment takes between 100-120 minutes, and testing sessions occur monthly from August to early December. You will need access to a computer with a webcam and microphone, and a reliable internet connection. The assessment costs $59, plus $30 per institution you elect to have your score distributed to.

    An interview component may be required as part of your application. Further information regarding an interview, if applicable, will be provided to you as part of the application process.

    Please note the closing date for the Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is the 31 August 2024.

    For further information and other requirements use the Course Search function.
  • Further enquiries

    Contact the Meet Murdoch team on:

    Telephone: 1300 687 3624

    CRICOS Provider Code: 00125J