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TEA calculation update for 2026/7
The Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) is updating the way it calculates the Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA) to increase consistency and fairness for all students in Western Australia.

Entry Requirements - ATAR students
An overview of the basics you need for entry to degree studies as an ATAR student.

Entry Requirements - Year 12 VET students
For those of you doing vocation study (eg Certificate IV) in year 12, here's a brief look at the requirements you need to meet to gain entry to uni degrees. Notre Dame also accepts Certificate IVs.

Entry Requirements - IB students
If you're doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma, here's a summary of the entry requirements you need to satisfy to enter degree courses at TISC's member universities.

Marks Adjustment Processes - Overview
If you're puzzled by what happens to transform your exam and school marks into scaled scores, this will give a quick over of the processes involved and why they are done.

Marks Adjustment Processes - Moderation
This is a more detailed explanation of the statistical moderation process, one of the three mark adjustment processes that transform your exam and school marks into scaled scores.

Marks Adjustment Processes - Standardisation
Looking in more detail at another of the marks adjustment processes. this will explain why and how we standardise combined marks.

Marks Adjustment Processes - Scaling
Scaling - the process that everyone loves to hate. Why do we do it? And how is it worked out? This will give you more in-depth information on the scaling process and why it's necessary.

Making the most of your preferences, part 1
The TISC preference system is designed to help you maximise your choices when applying to university. Here are some basic tips to help you put your preferences in an order that will help you keep your options open while going for your dream courses.

Making the most of your preferences, part 2
The order of your preferences matters. Here's an example that will demonstrate how the order of preferences really can make a difference in giving you the best range of available course options.

Applying to interstate universities
Many people consider applying to universities across the country each year. this video will give you some information on how to do that - and also what to do if you receive multiple offers from various states.