Applying for Undergraduate Courses

  • Applications processed by TISC

    TISC processes applications for admission to undergraduate courses for TISC Members Universities as detailed in the Course Search facility on this site. Apply online via TISCOnline (TISC's online application system).

    TISC also takes applications for graduate-entry Law at ECU and Murdoch, for Engineering (Honours) courses at Curtin, ECU and Murdoch and for Advanced Science (Honours), Pharmacy (Honours) and Occupational Therapy (Honours) courses at Curtin.

    Applications for the Associate Members of TISC are not lodged through TISC but made directly to the institution.

    Who should apply through TISC?
    Auditions and Portfolios
  • Who should apply through TISC?

    Residency status information
    Apply through TISC if you're an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or you've been approved or granted Australian permanent resident status. International students (including 457 visa holders) apply direct to their preferred WA universities.

    If you're applying for permanent residency, you're not eligible to apply through TISC until your permanent residency status has been approved or granted. Contact the International Centres of the respective universities for advice.

    If you are applying for Direct Pathways to Medicine or Dentistry at The University of Western Australia or Medicine at Curtin University for 2022 entry you must have been granted permanent residency in Australia by 30 September 2021.

    You must provide correct details of your current residency status when you apply. If an offer is made to you, and university checks find that you've provided incorrect residency status information, the university concerned will withdraw your offer in accordance with its policies and procedures.

    Are you a past and/or current student from a WA tertiary institution?
    Auditions and Portfolios
    Did you defer your place last year?

  • Auditions and portfolios

    Are you applying for:
    • WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) courses,
    • Other ECU courses that require an audition and/or interview, or
    • UWA's Music Studies, Music General Studies or Specialist Music Studies majors?
    If so, you need to apply through TISC and submit a separate application for audition/interview form direct to the institution concerned (ECU and UWA). More details are in the course information on Course Search.

    Please note that the portal for ECU direct applications, auditions and portfolios is expected to open in July. If you are applying through TISC before then, you will need to wait to submit your portfolio documents and/or application for audition/interview.

    For Curtin: If you're applying for the Portfolio Entry pathway apply through TISC and submit your portfolio directly to Curtin University.

    For ECU: If you're a School Leaver who will obtain an ATAR you must apply through TISC. You can also prepare an Experience Based Entry Scheme application as a backup. To be considered through the Experience Based Entry Scheme pathway, in addition to your TISC application, you will also need to complete an online application with ECU and upload your supporting documents to your application.

    If you won't obtain an ATAR you should apply direct to ECU and upload your supporting documents to your application. You do not need to apply to TISC.

    For Murdoch: If you're a Portfolio applicant apply through TISC. However, submit your portfolio online.

    Are you a past and/or current student from a WA tertiary institution?
  • COVID-19 disruptions

    TISC, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) and all universities are committed to ensuring that Year 12 students have fair and flexible access to further study, even if the ongoing coronavirus pandemic causes further disruptions to Year 12 programs.
  • First time logging into TISCOnline - Registration

    You must be registered with TISCOnline to be able to log in, lodge an application to university and access other online functions. Some users are registered automatically, while others need to self-register as new users. To get started, go to the Registration Status Check page for information on your 8-digit User ID and password required for logging in to TISCOnline.

    Note that any User ID allocated to you in previous years is not valid anymore.
  • To start a university application

    First time logging into TISCOnline - Registration

    • Make sure you have gone through the Registration Status Check, so that you know your 8-digit User ID and password to log in.
    • Once logged in, follow step by step instructions on the Welcome page. You may also access various application sections directly from left hand menu under Application Enter/Update.
    • As you work through the pages of the application, you will be asked several questions. The questions denoted by the asterisk (*) must be answered, while any other questions are optional.
    • You may log out at any stage during the application and return at a later date. Remember, though, your application is not active until you have agreed to the declaration.
    • We suggest you use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons incorporated into the pages of our site to move through the application. This will automatically save the changes you make on the current page. These buttons, where provided, will appear towards the bottom of the page. Using the Back and Forward buttons on your browser toolbar may result in loss of unsaved information on the current page.
    • Keep in mind that some closing dates apply. Our list of Important Dates will advise you of when they are.
  • Lodgement of your application

    • Your application is considered for admission only after you have finished the declaration step.
    • Make sure you read your coversheet. Your coversheet will let you know about any documentation that you need to submit in support of your application, TISC will email you about any extra submissions you need to make which aren't listed on your coversheet. There's lots of guidance on submitting documents here.
    • Once you have made your declaration, you will be able to change your preferences and your contact details if required. Any other information cannot be changed. If you have forgotten to add something or made an error, you will have to submit the changes in writing to TISC. Click here for the Applications Changes Form.
    • Be aware that TISC is under no obligation to accept applications if the declaration has not been completed by the required closing date for the course. Applications that have not had the declaration step completed will not be included in university offers.
  • Change of address/email address

    It is important that you let us know promptly if you change your address. You can do this online, by telephone or in writing. Don't advise your change of address to the universities as this won't be recorded on your TISC application. We will let the universities know your new contact details. See Important Dates for the change of address deadline before offers are made.

    If you are currently undertaking WACE courses, ask your school to let the School Curriculum and Standards Authority know your new address.

    Please also see What if I am away from home in December - February?, if this applies to you.
  • Any questions?

    Most of the information you require will be on this website. If you still have questions that relate to:
    • Your application - contact TISC on 9318 8000 or email Emails will be answered only during normal business hours.
    • Admission requirements or course details - contact the Admissions Office at the relevant university.