STAT - Session Dates

All bookings for the STAT are made by completing the booking form through TISC.

  • Metropolitan sessions

    Metropolitan area sessions are held at Canning College on a Saturday.

    You can choose to sit the next available testing session or the one after. If no preference is indicated on the booking form you will be booked into the next available testing session. Any changes to testing session dates will incur a change of session fee.

    Session Date Bookings Open Bookings Close (12 noon)
    18 May 2019 Monday, 8 April Wednesday, 15 May
    8 June 2019 Monday, 20 May Wednesday, 5 June
    6 July 2019 Monday, 10 June Wednesday, 3 July
    17 August 2019 Monday, 8 July Wednesday, 14 August
    14 September 2019 Monday, 19 August Wednesday, 11 September
    12 October 2019 Monday, 16 September Wednesday, 9 October
    2 November 2019 Monday, 14 October Wednesday, 30 October
    23 November 2019 Monday, 4 November Wednesday, 20 November
    December 2019 - February 2020 sessions:

    Session Date Bookings Open Bookings Close (12 noon)
    28 December 2019 * Monday, 25 November Monday, 23 December (!)
    4 January 2020 * Monday, 16 December Monday, 30 December (!)
    1 February 2020 # Monday, 20 January Wednesday, 29 January
    * Every effort will be made for the results to be available for the January round of offers.

    (!) In person bookings will be accepted at our office in East Perth up until 12noon Thursday before the test date. Fax, email and postal bookings will still close as advised in the above table. Note TISC is closed for all public holidays.

    # Results will NOT be available for any offer round.
  • Regional WA sessions

    Offered in major WA regional centres. Candidates can nominate their two preferred test locations when completing the STAT booking form. If no preferred country location is stated on the booking form you will be booked into the next metropolitan session.

    Session Bookings Opens Bookings Close (12 noon)
    Between Monday, 13 May and Saturday, 18 May 2019 Monday, 8 April Friday, 3 May
    Between Monday, 11 November and Saturday, 16 November 2019 Monday, 6 May Friday, 1 November
  • Special Friday sessions

    Offered ONLY to candidates who cannot attend ANY Saturday metropolitan session due to religious or work reasons. A supporting statement from a Minister/Employer must be provided. The test is held at TISC.

    Session Dates Bookings Opens Bookings Close (12 noon)
    Friday, 17 May 2019 Monday, 8 April Tuesday, 14 May
    Friday, 15 November 2019 Monday, 20 May Tuesday, 12 November