Engineering Early Offers

  • Which courses are available for early offers?

    Only certain engineering courses are available for an early offer. See the list of courses, criteria and conditions for further information.

  • How do I get an early offer?

    • Apply via TISCOnline. Applications will open on the 7 August.
    • List the course you'd like an early offer for as your 1st preference (you can always change preferences later). A 1st preference for an Engineering early offer must be listed in your application by mid-October.
    • Submit details of your study:
      • for Curtin, you will need to complete a template indicating that you are interested in an Engineering early offer and confirming the subjects you are studying;
      • for ECU, you will need to provide a letter from your school, indicating your predicted ATAR, and confirming the courses you are studying;
      • for Murdoch, you will need to indicate your expected ATAR result and confirm the courses that you are studying on the template.
      • for UWA, you will need to provide a letter from your school, indicating your predicted ATAR and confirming the courses you are studying, or a mid-year or end-of-year Year 12 school report. You also need to register, and can submit documents directly to UWA, at
      There's a template which your school can use if they wish.
    • Scan the letter and send it to: TISC will send it on to the university concerned.
    • Once the university has checked that you meet the criteria for an early offer, they'll send you an email with details of the offer.

  • What are the criteria for getting an early offer?

    You'll need a predicted ATAR above a certain level for ECU and UWA, an expected ATAR above a certain level for Murdoch, and for all universities, the confirmation that you're enrolled in courses that are likely to satisfy the universities' English competence and course prerequisite requirements. See the list of courses, criteria and conditions for further information.

  • Can I still apply for other courses?

    Of course. You can put in all your preferences when applications open, if you want, or just put in an engineering preference. Or you can wait. Just get an application in before 29 September, so you don't have to pay a late fee.

  • What kind of offers are they?

    The offers are conditional offers. They let you know that the university will be happy to have you as a student, however you will still need to meet certain requirements in your final results for the offer to be confirmed. Those conditions will be laid out in the offer notification you receive.

    If you satisfy the conditions of the offer, you'll receive a confirmation offer in Main Round (17 January).

  • What happens if I don't meet the conditions in the offer?

    The conditional offer will be withdrawn by the university. Even if that happens, though, you'll still be considered for all your other preferences. In most cases you'll satisfy the requirements for one of them.

    If there are circumstances beyond your control that affected your final results, preventing you from meeting the offer conditions, you should let the university know.

  • Do I have to accept the offer?

    That's completely up to you, we don't want to limit your options in any way. So whether you accept the early offer or not, it won't affect your chances of getting an offer in the main round.

    Universities may ask you to accept the offer via their website, so that they can invite you to various activities. Even if you accept the early offer, you are still in the running for offers as usual in January. You can add preferences (for most courses), delete preferences and rearrange your preferences until 11pm on 4 January 2018.

  • What happens if I change my preference to a different university?

    TISC and the universities will know if you change preferences. That's OK. It doesn't affect your chances of being selected for a course at all. If you put a new early Engineering offer course as your first preference, TISC will send your predicted/expected ATAR letter to the university concerned. You'll still receive equal consideration if you change your preferences.

    Make sure you also send your predicted/expected ATAR letter to TISC, if you apply direct to UWA.

  • What happens if I accept an early offer and change my mind? Can I have two or more offers and choose between them?

    Yes, as part of early Engineering offers you may hold more than one offer. Before Main Round, you'll need to decide which of the offers you really want, and have it as your highest engineering preference. Of course, you can have other preferences higher than your early offer preference. If you don't get offered one of the higher preferences, and you've met the conditions of your early offer, you'll get re-offered the early offer course.