Special Tertiary Admissions Test

  • What is STAT?

    The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) has been developed by the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) to assess competencies commonly considered important for success in tertiary study. In WA anyone who is 20 years of age before 1 March in the year in which they wish to commence studies is eligible to sit. The STAT provides an avenue of entry to a tertiary institution for those who do not have the formal entry requirements. It is a national test for mature age people designed to assess aptitude for learning in a tertiary environment. It is not a test of your knowledge on specific academic subjects. It is available throughout Western Australia. It is recognised in all Australian states.

    Once you book and pay to sit STAT, you will receive confirmation of the time and location of your test, as well as the Candidate Information Booklet which includes sample questions. Candidates can also access the Candidate Information Booklet online prior to booking for the test.

    Further practice questions are available in the STAT Practice Tests. These can be purchased through ACER.

    You cannot sit STAT more than once in the same STAT year, i.e. you cannot sit twice between 1 May 2023 and 30 April 2024, even if you sat STAT in a different state.

  • Structure and content

    There are two sections:

    STAT Multiple Choice
    An aptitude test that assesses both verbal and quantitative skills. It is a 2 hour test with 10 minutes reading time. There are 70 multiple choice questions, half are Verbal Reasoning (Humanities and Social Sciences based), half are Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics and Science based).

    All STAT MC questions are in mutiple-choice format with 4 response alternatives, from which candidates are asked to choose the most appropriate/best answer. Each question has only one correct response.

    Test questions are placed into either verbal or quantitative units. These units are interspersed throughout the test. The STAT questions are based on stimulus material drawn from a variety of common sources. All the information required to answer questions is contained within each unit.

    • Verbal (Critical) reasoning
      The focus is on interpretation and understanding of ideas in language. Questions may require candidates to: identify the main idea in a passage, interpret specific words and phrases, paraphrase what is stated or infer suggestions and deduce meanings.

      Some units test the comprehension of demanding and complex language with emphasis on analysing and understanding the stimulus material. Other units test the understanding and processing of ideas presented in more elementary language with emphasis on manipulating information and solving problems. Units may deal with objective or subjective material, or conceptual or argumentative issues. The aim is to include a balanced representation of a wide range of material and kinds of thinking.

    • Quantitative reasoning
      The aim is to test the comprehension and application of information presented in scientific and mathematical contexts. Units may present information in numeric, symbolic, spatial or graphical form. Questions do not require an in-depth knowledge. The focus is on the ability to interpret and apply information, and to use the information provided for decision making and problem solving.

    Written English
    A one hour test with 5 minutes of reading time in which the candidate is asked to write two short essays on two different topics. Part A is a public affairs issue that invites argument, while Part B asks for a more personal point of view. Each Part gives a choice of four topics.

    STAT Written English assesses a candidate's ability to communicate effectively in writing. Each piece of writing is assessed independently by two markers. Markers evaluate each piece in relation to the thought and content; structure and organisation; and expression, style and mechanics of the language.

  • Costs?

    The costs associated with sitting the STAT are as follows:

    One section of the test (Written English or Multiple Choice): $195.00
    Both sections of the test on the same day: $295.00
    Change of session or cancellation: $75.00
  • What can it do for me?

    Sitting the test may assist a candidate in their application for admission to a range of university and training courses. For mature-age students it can be used as an entry pathway to certain undergraduate courses. For others, to satisfy English language competency for university admission. However, it is solely the candidate's responsibility to find out whether STAT can be used for admission to the course in which they are interested. The best way to determine this is to contact the Admissions Centre of the institution you wish to attend.

    Applicants must still apply for course(s) of their choice through TISC or any other educational body by their stipulated closing dates. This application is separate to your STAT booking.

  • Who can do it?

    STAT is used in two ways: as an entry pathway for mature-age students, and as a way to satisfy university English competency requirements for applicants who have not satisfied the English requirements through their Year 12 studies.

    Entry pathway - mature-age
    If you are at least 20 years of age before 1 March 2025, you can sit STAT for university entry in Semester 1, 2025. If you are applying for mid-year entry in 2024, you must be at least 20 years of age before 1 August 2024. In specific cases, universities may give permission for underage candidates to sit STAT.

    Mature-age students using this test as the sole basis of entry to university are usually required to sit both sections of the test in the same STAT year.

    English language competency - non-school leaver
    If you have left high school but are not yet 20 years of age and have attained or will attain this year an AQF Certificate IV, you can sit the STAT Written English section only in an attempt to meet English Language competency for Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and The University of Notre Dame Australia.

    English language competency - Year 12
    If you are a current Year 12 WACE student, attempting English ATAR, EALD ATAR or Literature ATAR, and your English results do not satisfy the university requirement, you will be invited to sit STAT when your ATAR results are released. This is a second chance to achieve English Language Competency for university entrance.

    For Curtin, Edith Cowan, Murdoch and Notre Dame universities you only need to sit the STAT Written English section while for The University of WA both sections, STAT Multiple Choice and STAT Written English are required.

    Current Year 12 students cannot sit the STAT until after the conclusion of the WACE ATAR examinations.

  • STAT scores

    Both STAT Multiple Choice (MC) and STAT Written English (WE) are marked on a scale of 100 to 200. There are three scores for STAT Multiple Choice: one for the verbal component, one for the quantitative component and an overall mark. All are calculated independently. Most courses require you to sit both STAT MC and WE in the one STAT year.

    There is not a linear relationship between the scale scores and the percentile rank. The percentile rank is affected by the STAT candidate results distribution/population performance.

    STAT results are not comparable to ATARs and TISC cannot provide an ATAR equivalent score.

    • Curtin requires minimum scores of 140 Written English and 135 Multiple Choice (higher of Quantitative and Verbal). Attainment of 140 Written English will satisfy Curtin's English competency requirement.
    • ECU requires minimum scores of 140 Written English and 135 Multiple Choice (higher of Quantitative and Verbal). Attainment of 140 Written English satisfy ECU's English competency requirement.
    • Murdoch requires minimum scores of 140 Written English and 135 Multiple Choice (higher of Quantitative and Verbal). Attainment of 140 Written English will satisfy Murdoch's English competency requirement. STAT does not attain entry into Law or Veterinary Science.
    • Notre Dame requires minimum scores of 140 Written English (150 for Architecture, Education (Secondary) and Law) and 135 Multiple Choice (higher of Quantitative and Verbal) (150 for Architecture, Education (Secondary) and Law). Attainment of 140 Written English will satisfy Notre Dame's English competency requirement. STAT does not attain entry into Physiotherapy.
    • UWA requires minimum scores of 150 Written English and 140 Multiple Choice (higher of Quantitative and Verbal). For courses requiring entry rank of 80.00, UWA will consider 160 Written English and 140 Multiple Choice (Quantitative or Verbal). Attainment of 140 in both Written English and Multiple Choice (Verbal) will satisfy UWA's English competency requirement.

    Candidates with STAT results should refer to the Rank Calculator on our website in order to obtain a current STAT ranking. The scores for STAT WE and at least one component of STAT MC will need to equate to a notional Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) equal to or greater than the cut-off rank for the course/s for which you are applying to.

    STAT is not suitable for all courses and some courses require specific components of STAT MC (ie Verbal or Quantitative, or both).

  • How long are my results valid?

    TISC does not impose a time limit on the validity of STAT results.

    However, WA universities may impose their own limit on the length of time for which they consider a STAT score valid. Please check with the Admissions Centre of your intended university.

    The Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) impose a 3-year validity on STAT results from the date of issue.

  • Special sittings of STAT

    Test arrangements for candidates with disability
    Special test arrangements can be made for candidates with disabilities. Any request for special test arrangements must be made in writing to TISC providing evidence to support the request. TISC must receive these documents no later than Friday 1 November 2024.

    Click here for the Guidelines for Special Test Arrangements and request form.

    Religious or work reasons
    Metropolitan candidates who for religious or work reasons ONLY cannot sit STAT on ANY Saturday, two dates are set for these candidates in May and in November. A supporting statement from a Minister/Employer must be provided.

    Interstate and overseas
    TISC does not organise interstate or overseas sittings.

    For the rest of Australia and overseas sittings contact the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER).

  • When is it held?

    Metropolitan sessions are held at Canning College from May to February each year.

    Country sessions are offered twice a year in May and November in major regional centres. There are no set venues for STAT country sessions. Candidates can nominate their two preferred test venues when completing the STAT booking form.

    Click here for 2024 session dates.

  • How to enrol?

    Enrolments must be made by completing a STAT booking form.

    To obtain a STAT booking form:

    • Download and print the STAT Booking Form, or
    • Telephone TISC (08) 9318 8000. Office Hours 9.00am to 4.30pm to request a form to be posted out.

    Metropolitan candidates can choose to sit the next available testing session or the one after. If no preference is indicated on the booking form you will be booked into the next available testing session. Any changes to testing session dates will incur a change of session fee.

  • When will I receive my results?

    Results are issued in hardcopy and are posted to your notification address within three weeks of your test sitting.

    Results are not accessible online or available via email or phone.

    The Admissions Centres at the five universities in WA can access your STAT results through TISC.

  • Identification

    On the day of the test you will be required to provide photo-bearing identification in hard copy format, such as a current Australian driver's licence or learner's permit, current Working with Children card, or current passport. Digital, scanned or photocopies of ID are NOT accepted.

    The information on your identification document must match the information used on your test registration.

    If you do not possess any of the above photo-bearing identification, you must obtain a statutory declaration, accompanied by a photo which has been signed on the back by the witness to the statutory declaration. This witness should be independent of the person making the declaration. Click here for further information.

  • Breaches of test rules

    The test rules are outlined in the Candidate Information Booklet (available on booking STAT). The rules will be strictly enforced and penalties will apply to any breaches.

  • Can I get a refund?

    STAT fees will be refunded providing a completed Cancellation Form is submitted to TISC no later than 1 working day before the allocated testing session (ie 4.30pm Thursday for a Saturday test), less the cancellation fee of $75.00.

    There is no refund of fees if you are unsuccessful in gaining acceptance to further study.

  • Can I change my test date?

    You may request a change of session to the next available testing date, by completing the Change of Session Form and submitting it to TISC no later than 1 working day before the allocated session date (ie 4.30pm on the Thursday before a Saturday test). A change of session fee of $75.00 is payable. Payment must accompany the request.

    You cannot change sessions if you are allocated to the last session, but you can receive a refund of the STAT booking fee less the $75.00 cancellation fee.

  • What if I missed my testing session?

    If you missed your allocated testing session for medical or employment reasons you may rebook for the next session or request a refund. A completed STAT Change of Session or Cancellation form, together with a medical certificate or letter from an employer must be submitted to TISC no later than five working days after the allocated testing session.

    If you wish to rebook for the test you will also need to include the change of session fee of $75.00.

    If you prefer to cancel your test, you will receive a refund of your booking fee less the cancellation fee of $75.00.

  • What if I am sick on the day of the test?

    If you are unwell on the day of the test, do not sit the STAT on that day. Not only do you risk making other candidates unwell, but you also may not be able to achieve results that reflect your ability.

    In order to reschedule or cancel ensure that you have:

    • Seek medical advice and obtain a medical certificate for the day of test.
    • Complete the STAT Change of Session or Cancellation form and return with medical evidence to stat@tisc.edu.au within five days of your scheduled test sitting date.
    The cost to reschedule or cancel your booking is $75.00.