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  • Introduction

    Mission Statement
    Think Murdoch. Murdoch University links learning directly to relevant, real-world experience so you graduate career-ready. Real-world experiences at Murdoch range from working on real legal cases, to official government IT competitions, all the way to providing healthcare in developing countries.

    All of this comes with support from knowledgeable and experienced academic staff. They place a strong focus on innovation in teaching, and are always working to ensure students get the best education.

    Our students are enrolled in over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses across a range of disciplines, including Arts, Business, Engineering, IT, Law, Nursing and Science.

    We take a flexible approach to learning, providing scholarships and a number of admission pathways, plus a range of internal and external study options to help our students fit study around their work and lifestyle commitments.

    We're also recognised as one of Australia's leading research institutions, as more industries place their belief and resources into our projects to provide our research candidates and scientists with the opportunity to make amazing discoveries.

    If you're unsure about your preferences or what courses to choose, check out Murdoch's 2017 undergraduate course guide. This guide has information on our courses and admission requirements. If you don't have our course guide or you'd like to know more, contact our Student Centre on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624), or visit
  • Admission Requirements

    The University welcomes applications from both school leavers and non-school leaver applicants.

    School leaver requirements
    The requirements for Western Australian school leavers are outlined in the Undergraduate Admission Requirements for School Leavers.

    School leavers from interstate must have met the requirements for entry to a university in their own State and obtained an ATAR or aggregate which converts to the appropriate ATAR for admission to the course of their choice.

    School leavers from overseas are also welcome to apply to Murdoch University. If there are any doubts about eligibility for admission to the University, please contact the Student Centre on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624).

    Murdoch RISE
    Murdoch University recognises that not all school leavers have the same opportunities to achieve their potential. To support a range of students achieve admission to undergraduate degrees, Murdoch's RISE will adjust the selection rank of eligible students by up to 10.00 to a maximum of 90.00. For more information on this program visit the Murdoch RISE website. Alternatively contact the Student Centre on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624).

    Non-school leaver requirements
    The requirements for non-school leaver applicants are outlined in the Undergraduate Admission Requirements for Mature Age Applicants.

    Non-school leaver applicants with postsecondary/tertiary studies
    If you've completed a TAFE Certificate Level IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma you're eligible to be considered for admission. If your Diploma or Advanced Diploma studies have been completed within the past 10 years you may be eligible for advanced standing/award of credit for your Murdoch University degree. If you've successfully undertaken a minimum of two university units at undergraduate level or higher (equivalent to 0.25 of a full load), you're eligible to be considered for admission and may apply for advanced standing/award of credit.

    If you have any other postsecondary/tertiary studies, contact the Student Centre on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624) about your eligibility for admission to the University.
  • Competence in English

    You must achieve a scaled score of at least 50 in English ATAR or Literature ATAR, or English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD) ATAR or the former TEE subjects English or English Literature, or an acceptable level of achievement in TEE ESL (at the level determined for the year in which you were enrolled). If you undertook English between 2007 and 2015 you would require a scaled score of 50 in Stage 2 or 3 English. You can also use English, EALD or Literature sat on a private basis to meet the University's competency in English requirement.

    You can meet the competence in English requirement with results obtained in any year.
  • Personal statement

    A Personal Statement may enhance the likelihood of admission for mature aged applicants. If you're a non-school leaver applicant with poor academic performance in your post-secondary or tertiary studies, you should submit a Personal Statement to assist your application. The statement should be approximately one A4 page in length and outline the circumstances that led to the poor performance and why those circumstances will not negatively impact any subsequent studies undertaken at Murdoch University. If you're applying for Veterinary Science (non-school leaver) or the Bachelor of Nursing (non-school leaver) you must submit a Personal Statement and evidence of relevant work experience. Refer to the individual course information under Course Search.
  • Applicants with qualifications gained overseas

    If you have overseas qualifications, contact the Student Centre on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624) to see if you're eligible for admission. You'll also be required to provide satisfactory evidence of your competence in English via an approved examination. If you have qualifications not yet translated into English, contact the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) via
  • Alternative entry

    OnTrack is a 14 week, pre-university, equity-focussed program that enables students who don't qualify for entry through other pathways to gain entry into Murdoch University. OnTrack provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your academic skills and understanding of university life and study. Following successful completion of OnTrack, you'll be eligible to be offered a place in a wide range of undergraduate degree courses at Murdoch University commencing the following semester. You apply for OnTrack through TISC.

    OnTrack Sprint is a 4 week intensive program designed to prepare students who have just missed out on the required ATAR for admission to Murdoch University. It provides an alternative entry pathway for students who have completed their WACE Certificate within the previous 18 months, generated an ATAR between 60.00-69.95 and are Australian Citizens, permanent residents or humanitarian visa holders. Apply directly to Murdoch University for entry into OnTrack Sprint.

    Media and Creative Portfolio Pathway: Admission through the assessment of a portfolio is available at Murdoch University into the Bachelor of Arts for the following majors:
    • Communication and Media Studies (MUACM),
    • English and Creative Writing (MUAEC),
    • Games Art and Design (MUAGA),
    • Graphic Design (MUAID),
    • Journalism (MUAJO),
    • Photography (MUAPY),
    • Public Relations (MUAPR),
    • Radio (MUARA),
    • Screen Production (MUASP),
    • Sound (MUASD),
    • Theatre and Drama (MUATD) and
    • Web Communication (MUAWD).
    For portfolio Pathways into the above-mentioned majors, apply through TISC but submit your portfolio direct to the Student Centre at Murdoch. Click on Future Students on the Murdoch University website for information about this entry pathway. Portfolio applicants will also need to demonstrate English competency.

    For further information about all other alternative pathways, please visit
  • Past and current students of Murdoch University

    Apply directly to Murdoch if you:
    • Are a graduate of either Murdoch University or another university and wish to enter Honours (apart from the Bachelor of Engineering Hons - all applicants for this course apply through TISC); or
    • Are a current Murdoch student wanting to transfer to another course or add a second major, and you aren't graduating after the current semester. Apply directly to Murdoch University's Student Centre via here; or
    • Deferred your offer in 2016 and wish to take up your studies in that course or apply for another Murdoch course in 2017.

    Apply through TISC if you:
    • Deferred your Murdoch course and now want to apply for a different course at another university.
    • Have been enrolled at Murdoch University in the past, but have not been enrolled in second semester 2016.
  • General Information

    Selection of courses
    When you list a Murdoch course as a preference, for most courses you're also indicating your major area of study. A major is a grouping of coherent units approved by the University's decision making body, Academic Council, leading to an award. At the time of application through TISC you usually only have the opportunity to select one major unless you apply for one of the combined degrees listed. However, information about adding majors is available on the Future Students website and in enrolment information supplied with your offer. If you want to enrol in a highly competitive course as a second major, you'll be able to apply at the end of the first semester.

    Some courses are available as combined degrees which may enable you to graduate with two undergraduate qualifications. Combined degrees are only available as a Bachelor of Education combined with Arts or Science, Bachelor of Engineering combined with Business or Science, or Bachelor of Laws combined with Arts, Business or Science, subject to availability. Combined degrees have their own course codes which you can find via the Course Search facility.

    You should therefore select your course preferences carefully. Remember: Double Majors are possible between most subject areas at Murdoch University (eg Biological Science and Marine Science, or Asian Studies and Politics and International Studies). If you do want to undertake a Double Major, you only need apply for the FIRST Major through TISC. The second can be added either when you first enrol at Murdoch, or during the course of your degree.

    Part-time study
    Most undergraduate classes at Murdoch University are held during normal business hours. Part-time study at Murdoch University doesn't refer to attendance at evening classes. If you're a part-time student, you'll enrol in fewer units per semester than full-time students, but attend the same classes in the units in which they're enrolled.

    External study
    If a Murdoch University course is listed with a method of study of 'E', it means that you can completed the course wholly off-campus (ie you're not required to attend classes on-campus), unless the course information entry for that course indicates an exception. External units use a combination of hard copy and online to communicate with you during your enrolment in external units. Where units are available externally, you can enrol in a mix of external and internal units to suit your lifestyle at any particular time.

    Credit/advanced standing
    See Advanced standing/credit transfer.
  • Additional information to be provided by applicants

    A Personal Statement and evidence of work experience are required for this course for non-school leaver applicants:
    • Bachelor of Nursing, non-school leaver (MUNUM and MPNUM)
    • Veterinary Science, non-school leaver (MUSVV)

    Admission quotas
    There are quotas on all courses of study. The most restricted, and therefore for which entry is expected to be most competitive are Law, Nursing, Veterinary Science. Although certain courses can be added as a second major at initial enrolment, it isn't possible to enrol in some courses unless you've been offered a place in them. However, it will be possible to apply to transfer at the end of the first semester of study.

    Deferred admission
    If you've been offered a place of study, you can apply to defer admission for up to two years. A place of study for that same course will only be guaranteed for up to two years from the initial deferral. Deferred students will also be contacted by the Student Centre closer to the time of your preferred intake, therefore it is important that you inform the Student Centre of any change of postal address leading up to that time.

    Courses available at the Mandurah campus
    The following course is available at the Peel campus:
    • Nursing
    • Ontrack (Pre-university program)
    Courses available at the Rockingham campus
    The following course is available at the Rockingham campus:
    • Ontrack (Pre-university program)
    For further information use the Course Search function.

    Commonwealth supported places
    If you're an Australian Citizen or a New Zealand citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident and are offered a place at Murdoch University you'll be offered a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and if you're an Australian citizen or the holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa you are eligible to access the deferred payment loan scheme (HECS-HELP). If you're currently a Permanent Resident and during your enrolment you become an Australian citizen you may then access HECS-HELP.
  • Further enquiries

    The Student Centre of the University welcomes any further enquiries on admission requirements, undergraduate degree courses or on the range of Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Coursework Masters degrees available. Enquiries on PhD and Masters degrees by research should be made to the HDR (Higher Degrees by Research) Services on (08) 9360 6927.

    Address for enquiries:
    The Student Centre
    Murdoch University
    MURDOCH WA 6150
    Telephone: 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624)
    Online queries:

    CRICOS Provider Code: 00125J