Cut-off Ranks and Indicative ATARs

Cut-off ranks and indicative ATARs give you guidance as to the rank needed to be competitive for entry to particular courses. Cut-off ranks are determined by the supply of places available and the demand from applicants for a course, and can therefore vary from one year to another. Indicative ATARs tend to be more stable and are a more useful guide to whether you will be eligible for a course.

  • Cut-off Ranks

    • The Cut-off rank is the ATAR of the last applicant to be offered a place in the course on the basis of their ATAR, in the main round of offers.
    • The Indicative ATAR is the minimum ATAR to be eligible for consideration for the course, subject to places being available.
    • n/a designates that offers in the course are not based solely on an ATAR.
    • - designates that no offers were made in this course.

  • Indicative ATARs

    The universities have provided Indicative ATARs for each of their courses, to give applicants an indication of the ATAR likely to be required to enter each particular course. The Indicative ATARs are a guide only to the eventual ATAR required for each course, which will only be known after all offers have been made. Indicative ATARs are intended as a guide only.

Remember that there are additional requirements you must meet to receive an offer for courses, so check the information on Entry requirements or the Course Search information for your chosen course to make sure you've got everything covered.