Entry Requirements for Mature Age Applicants

Mature Age Applicants are defined as applicants who will be 20 years of age or over before 1 March in the appropriate admission year. As the entry requirements can change from year to year, please check the information that applies to the year in which you'll be commencing your university study.

The information outlines requirements for Mature Age applicants wishing to use WACE studies or the Special Tertiary Admissions Test for entry to university. We recommend that you seek individual advice from the universities on the best pathway for you. There may be alternative entry pathways that you can use.

The information is correct as of the date of issue, is based on information supplied by the participating universities and is subject to change without notice. The universities reserve the right to change, withdraw or amend any course or program that they offer, to impose limitations on enrolment in any unit or course and/or vary arrangements for such course. Enquiries regarding university admission requirements should be directed to the individual university(ies) concerned.